Where Business and Lifestyle Converge

From epicurean tastings, curated events, to a simple toast celebrating life and friendship, DOOR XXV is a private haven for meaningful connections to flourish.

Have a Drink, Get Inspired

When our members think of DOOR XXV, they think of a favourite place, because here, everyone feels welcome. 

Born out of a love for handcrafted drinks in the finest professional and social settings, DOOR XXV is a space you can truly call your own. 

Take your seat at the bar counter or in one of our comfy lounges and you’ll no doubt find yourself in an inspiring conversation with other members who are just as passionate about changing the world. 

About Mark

Some call him a wizard, others call him a chemist, but one thing’s for sure, he knows how to mix a mean cocktail. 

When you enter DOOR XXV, you’ll immediately be greeted by our resident Master Mixologist, Mark Tay. 

Beyond hospitality, Mark has a world of experience. So, sit down for a chat with him on who’s who and bounce ideas off him. 

We’ve had fruitful discussions with many companies and a lot of idea-generation was made at DOOR XXV.

Dr. Jack Hong, Research Room

DOOR XXV is a space that we can call our own and a place to interact with like-minded individuals.

Amanda Woo, Clear Channel

I felt like I was talking to a fellow scientist because [Mark] knows the science behind what he does.

James Andrade, CapitaLand