Tricks to Beer & Cheese Pairing

Tricks to Beer & Cheese Pairing
Pairing beer and cheese is like dating: you need enough commonality to get along, but enough contrast to keep things interesting.
Peroni and Aged Parmesan Pairing

image credits: Pints and Plates

There are no clear cut rules for this pairing but here are a couple of guidelines to bear in mind:

Balance Intensity
A simple rule of thumb to remember is that less intense cheeses should generally pair with similarly light beers, while stronger cheeses require a more intense partner.

Flavour Combinations
This is where the fun is. What you enjoy might be different from what others would enjoy. So the best way to find your perfect cheese and beer pairing is to start by matching intensity and then experiment with different combos of flavor and texture.

DOOR XXV recommends the following combo:

  • IPAs and Blue Cheese
  • Pilsner and Fontina (or any semi-soft cheese that is buttery)
  • Belgium Ales and Aged Cheddar
  • Dark Ales and Limburger (or any stinky soft cheese)

Our favourite? Peroni and Aged Parmesan. The bready malt sweetness of this pale lager adds a lively contrast to the savory and salty notes in the cheese while the bitterness and crisp carbonation refreshes the palate. Each new bite feels just like the first.

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