What is World Alcohol Responsibility Month?

What is World Alcohol Responsibility Month?

World Alcohol Responsibility Month is observed every year in the month of April. It gives communities the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how individuals struggle with alcohol abuse, provides advice and assistance for those affected, and brings to light the adverse impacts alcohol can have on one's health.

Does that mean I should not be drinking in April? Of course that is not what we are implying! While we look at how alcohol abuse and addiction affects individuals as well as the community, we aim to give our community the information and support they need to make positive choices around alcohol. It is about enjoying your beverage responsibly, regardless of whether you are at work or at home,

So what does it mean to drink responsibly and, should you choose to drink, how do you know your own limits? Read on to learn about what defines a low-alcohol beverage, methods of identifying one and how to calculate the percentage of alcohol in your Friday night tipple.

What counts as a low-alcohol beverage?
While there is no official standard for what counts as low-ABV (alcohol by volume), these beverages all hover around 5%. For comparison, wine usually has an ABV of 11–13%.

According to the new “No- and Low-Alcohol Strategic Study 2021” from IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, the low/no alcohol market is expected to grow by 34% in volume globally.

How do you calculate ABV?

In order to calculate the ABV of a cocktail, find out the individual volumes of the components that make up the cocktail and their respective ABV percentages. Once you have these figures multiply the ABV and the volume for each ingredient.

Let's use the Negroni as an example:

- Gin (ABV 45%) = 0.45 x 30ml = 13.5
- Campari (ABV 25%) = 0.25 x 30ml = 7.5
- Vermouth Rosso (ABV 16%) = 0.16 x 30ml = 4.8

Next, calculate the total volume of your cocktail. Sum up the multiplications for each component, divide that by the total volume and multiply that result by 100 to convert it into a percentage.

Continuing with the Negroni example:

- Total Volume = 90ml + 5ml (dilution)
--> ABV of Negroni = [(13.5 + 7.5 + 4.8) / 95ml] * 100% = 27.16%

And there you have it! The ABV of a Negroni is 27.16% making it a moderately high alcohol beverage. As part of a balanced lifestyle, empower yourself to make a lifetime of responsible alcohol choices and understanding your limits.

DOOR XXV Specials
For World Alcohol Responsibility Month, we've created two new refreshing aperitifs - Cocchi Aperitivo and Melati Spritz. So feel free to drop by DOOR XXV and try our new low-/no-alcohol drinks!

Cocchi Aperitivo, 4.8% ABV
A classic Italian pre-dinner drink pioneered by the House of Cocchi, that gave rise to a culture of Aperitivo the world over... This low alcoholic cocktail is a refreshingly floral end to a work day and a start to a great night ahead!

Melati Spritz, 0% ABV
A botanical alcohol alternative inspired by ancient Asian herbs, the Melati Spritz is a simple yet delicious concoction that may be enjoyed all day! Fragrant Hibiscus gives way to bittersweet Goji & Cacao, ending on a fresh buzz from the equal combination of tonic and soda... reviving!

The Cocchi Americano and Melati are also available in our online store if you would like to host an evening dinner or gift a bottle to your friends or work team.

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