Born out of a love for handcrafted drinks in the finest professional and social settings, DOOR XXV is a space you can truly call your own. Because no matter the occasion, more often than not, you’ll feel at home with a familiar drink in your hand. 

From a hidden entrance in SPECTRUM’s workspace to cosy seating areas for intimate gatherings, it exudes the luxury and exclusivity a member like you would come to expect. Entering its warmly lit interior, you’ll be greeted by our host inviting you to take your favourite seat. Here at DOOR XXV, you’ll no doubt find yourself in an inspiring conversation with other members who are just as passionate about changing the world. 

Meet Mark Tay

With a career in Food and Beverage Management spanning more than 25 years, Mark began his journey in a restaurant bar as an assistant bartender. He went on to grow his passion in internationally renowned establishments including the Raffles Hotel, Gordon’s Grill and The Martini Bar, and collaborated with Michelin chefs Michel Roux and Jason Atherton amongst others. In 2009, Mark established BarSmiths to revitalise cocktail and culinary culture while deepening the knowledge and skills of service professionals in Singapore. The company then evolved into BarSmiths Hospitality in 2017 and added training, operational and events management to their services.

The hospitality industry veteran also launched some of Singapore’s most illustrious restaurants and bars such as Nektar and Siri House. Throughout his career, he has raised a generation of outstanding bartenders, both in Singapore and abroad. These days, as Head of Hospitality and Master Mixologist of DOOR XXV, Mark continues raising the bar on classic favourites.

The Peak Interview


DOOR XXV is integral to SPECTRUM, a shared workspace designed to provide an authentic community experience, along with the connections and resources you need to take your business to the next level. 

With community at the heart of our business, we strive to foster a sense of belonging with SPECTRUM and DOOR XXV working seamlessly together for our members to smoothly transition from work to play. 

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